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3 Best Uses of a Mortgage CRM


A  mortgage CRM  is a tool that integrates many functions into one platform. It can help you manage your team, track leads, and deal with complex loans. But there are many more ways to use it optimally for the benefit of your business. In this article, you’ll be shown how to get the most out of your mortgage CRM by looking at some specific examples of what other companies are doing with their systems. By following their lead, you could see a dramatic increase in productivity and efficiency in your own company as well.

Marketing automation

Mortgage CRM software should allow you to automate your marketing campaigns and track the results of each campaign. This will allow you to get more out of your marketing budget and make sure that every dollar spent is being put in the right place.

You can also use automation to target customers based on their behavior, demographic information, location, and interest. You may also want to create automated “Welcome” or “Thank You” emails based on what they do in the application process.

Loan officer productivity

Loan officers are the lifeblood of your business. They’re responsible for writing loans and closing deals. They’re also subject matter experts who know everything about their local market — which means they can help you find new ways to grow your business or build new products that appeal to your target audience. But how do you get them to focus on what matters most?

Your mortgage CRM helps you keep track of all those tasks so that when it comes time for loan officers to step up and make themselves useful, they know exactly what needs doing. For example, if one officer has already identified an untapped market segment through their research into property values in his area, another could pick up where he left off by researching housing prices across town (or even state) lines and identifying new demographics they could target with an advertising campaign or direct mail campaign. 

Pipeline overview and management

One of the most important uses of a mortgage CRM is managing your pipeline. A pipeline is the group of leads who are at various stages in the buying process and moving toward closing. It’s important to track your leads to determine which ones are ready for the next step in the process, so you can gather more information from them or move on to another lead if need be. Pipeline management functions can help you keep track of all these actions with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most: closing deals. Here are some examples:

Pipeline overview:

This function shows how many contacts are at each stage in their journey with your company and what needs to happen next for them to progress forward—from getting pre-approved to buying a home or refinancing their current loan.

Pipeline management software:

This type of software allows users (usually companies) who manage multiple sales teams or agents within one company to access their information securely through a cloud-based platform. The benefit here is that loan officers don’t need their computers anymore—they can log into their accounts from any device.


While there are many mortgage CRMs on the market, it’s important to keep your eye on what you need and not just what is available. You can easily get overwhelmed by all the features a tool has to offer, but at the end of the day, it comes down to making sure that your needs are met with ease and efficiency.

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