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6 reasons why your laptop is slow and how to fix it


If you wish to know six reasons why your laptop is working at a slowed speed, continue reading the article. Also, not just the symptoms, you will also get to know about the measures you can take to fix them. Laptop repair service has made the process of fixing a laptop quite easy. Laptop repair service at home  helps you to properly maintain the machinery’s health and keep a check on all problems that might appear and even fix those that might already exist.

Reasons why your laptop might be working at a slow speed

  • Possibility of a virus
  • Outdated machinery
  • Overloaded browser
  • Fuller memory
  • Stuffed hard drive
  • A large number of applications

How to fix your slowed laptop?

  • Restart your laptop- Restarting your laptop is a common thing that can be done by you while facing any type of problem with your laptop. Usually, if you work for too long on your system, it might lag but after the reset process, everything falls in place.
  • Regular laptop maintenance– In order to properly maintain its health and keep a check on all problems that might appear you must hire a laptop repair service. Getting your machinery repaired after being struck by a problem is way too different from regular check-ups. Prevention is always better than cure.
  • Constant updates- When you hire home laptop repair service, you also get access to constant updates. These updates ensure that your laptop works at the maximised speed without causing any overheating of the system.
  • Scan the viruses – Viruses can potentially slow down your machinery. In such a case, you must hire laptop repair service. These are professional services that know exactly how to trace any viruses that might be residing in your system.
  • Replace the laptop– Another thing that you can do to fix your laptop is to get yourself a new laptop. When the machinery is outdated, it eventually starts working at a slowed speed, you might get newer technologies updated, but it won’t be able to stand up to your expectations due to outdated builds.


When you hire laptop repair services in Noida, they ensure that after all the problems are addressed, your laptop also has updated software which might improve its overall health. Thus, these services help your system to operate at the desired speed levels.

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