CenturyLink Monthly Bundles

CenturyLink Monthly Bundles: Everything That You Need To Know


The World Wide Web has to be one of the most prominent innovations of this century. Besides simplifying our daily hustle, being a great tool for communication, and an essential source of entertainment that’s accessible around the clock, the internet has added several other advantages to our lives. It has become an interesting source of jobs, curating new jobs while expanding the job market even more. This has further led to communities exploring areas in the world that never were given a thought before.

The internet is also a gigantic fountain of information that has provided immense value, reaching various nooks and crannies of the world. The best part is that it has given a voice to the destitute ones via the social media network, irrespectiveof where you are located in the world, your voice will always be heard and support will always be given. Proving once again, that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Why it’s important of having a high-speed and reliable internet connection?

Your internet connection is a superhero, whose significance cannot be stated enough. However, there’s just one chink in this superhero’s armor and that is when the consumer is faced with a dead-slow connection. Although, internet needs may vary from individual to individual, a fast, stable, and secure internet service is everyone’s default right. After all, if you are paying for a swift connection, you do deserve a strong service. Just like the countless CenturyLink Internet deals that are one of the top-rated ones in the category for some of the most reasonable internet deals in the American telecom market. Besides killing your au natural enthusiasm, slow internet service is a strong cause for rising rates of annoyance in the masses.

So what should you do when your city/state is not ranked among the top, for speedy broadband connectivity?

Even if your city/state is not ranked among the top cities, that are known for speedy broadband connectivity, it’s not much of an issue for a service provider like CenturyLink. Known for providing a varied range of service types, currently available in the internet market, this provider has it all: high-speed DSL, Cable Internet, Fiber Optic, Satellite Internet, and Fixed Wireless.

The good news is that your city/state will probably be receiving at least the average download speed, which stands around 110 Mbps. Ironically, this ‘average’ is considered higher than the speed offered by some big names in the industry. On the other hand, those areas that are not ranked highcan access internet plans that provide decent coverage for an affordable price. While CenturyLink may be pitched against the top players of the internet industry, it has successfully gained strong ground against most of them.

Why do consumers need to know their internet type?

There are various benefits to knowing the various kinds of internet present today. this helps the consumer determine exactly what service will suit him best, which will be the speed for daily use, and if the purchased monthly internet plan is worth his money. Additionally, this way he also has an idea of which types are readily available in the location. For instance, DSL and cable internet service are two of the most common internet types that are available, both in urban and rural areas. However, fiber optic and other types, even though are far most reliable and quite fast, are taking their time to gain prominence.

The reason behind their delay is that setting up their infrastructure is both expensive and time-consuming. So for now, target audiences got to make good use of the service type that they have.

Monthly internet bundles, as offered by CenturyLink

Read on to find out which ones suit your digital needs 

Internet-only bundles

To ensure the maximum value for your money, you should always be equipped with the latest advancements in the telecom industry, so that you have more than an idea of what is turning up at your doorstep. Two kinds of internet connections dominate CenturyLink. Pure Fiber and high-speed DSL. Both these internet types support symmetrical speeds, that go up to a maximum of 940 Mbps. The good thing is that this provider is always striving to deliver exceptionally high speeds in any region.CenturyLink offers multiple speed tiers from as low as 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps, all for under $50 per month.

Whereas, their Fiber Optic internet offers customers speeds, that goes up to 940 Mbps at $65/month, with free installation and modem. One thing to note is that these speed tiers may vary according to the location. The best part is that there are no data caps, allowing users to enjoy the service without any worry of limited data. Furthermore, CenturyLink is always thinking about its customers and offers fantastic internet service for low-income areas with the Lifeline program.

Internet + other services

As far as internet+cable TV deals are concerned, their DirecTV Choice™ and CenturyLink Internet come under $119.99 per month. Then there’s the Centurylink Internet + Home Phone bundle, which costs about $90/month and offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps, limitless nationwide calls with over 10 calling features, no data cap, and a contract-free service. Last but least, there’s the DIRECTV® CHOICE™ All Included + CenturyLink Internet + Home Phone bundle that costs about $159.99/month, which offers download speeds going up to 100 Mbps, 185+ channels, On-Demand, limitless nationwide calls with 10+ calling features.

Final Thoughts…

Although this provider offers both fiber and non-fiber internet options to its customers, CenturyLink ensures that you receive ultra-fast speeds, that are both reasonable and at par with international standards as well. However, if you are located in a region where better pure fiber options are available, then we say go for it. Simply check buytvinternetphone for the latest internet bundles before they end!

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