Web Accessibility in Real-Time With Accessi Be

Get 24/7 Web Accessibility in Real-Time With AccessiBe


Digital entertainment, online shopping, and essential information on public health are often out of the reach of users with disabilities worldwide. If you are the owner of a business website that is not accessible, you will be losing a large chunk of potential customers from this community. Web accessibility is now a legal mandate, and as a business site owner, it is your moral and social responsibility to ensure that your website is accessible to them and meets the compliance of ADA and WCAG laws in the USA.

AccessiBe helps you to be accessible and compliant all the time

AccessiBe is a market leader in web accessibility in the USA and is popular because it is cost-effective, functional, and automated. It gives you an innovative solution for making your site ADA and WCAG compliant to keep litigation and hefty fines away. This AI-infused tool was launched in 2018 and changed the behavior and the site’s code in real-time. The founding team of this accessibility overlay has rich and deep domain expertise in website creation and digital marketing to create this tool for users with disabilities.

Creating awareness in the USA 

In 2020, the Company announced it received $ 12 million as funds from a leading investment firm named K1 Investment Management, which specializes in the welfare of fast-growing software companies across the globe. The annual recurring revenue of AccessiBe grew drastically in the past 12 months, leading to the extra funds lent to them by K1, increasing the amount to $28 million.

The Company performed exceptionally well in 2020, and today it has plans to deploy these funds to expand its market presence in the USA, increase its research and development efforts, and continue to educate the market about the significance of web accessibility in today’s era. It aims to make web accessibility affordable and straightforward for all businesses, irrespective of their size and market niche.

Primary goals in educating the public 

The fundamental goal of the Company here is to educate people in the market so that awareness increases about web accessibility. The advent of digital transformation after the outset of the coronavirus pandemic has provoked attention towards web accessibility and its significance in the market today.

It is a cost-effective alternative to manual techniques that were expensive and very time-consuming in the past. Times have significantly evolved, and web accessibility is an essential matter that business owners, even small ones, should never ignore. In such a scenario, hassle free solutions are most welcome.

Thanks to AccessiBe, companies no longer have to worry about hiring web developers for their web accessibility needs. This tool checks every line of content to ensure it is accessible and compliant with the ADA and WCAG guidelines. Installing the device is quick and straightforward. You need to embed your site with a single loan of JavaScript code, and you are good enough to start enjoying making your site accessible 24/7 without hassles and trouble!

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