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Reasons for Amazon Best Sellers Rank


Amazon is globally recognized as the greatest market place in the U.S with millions of products under several categories. What an incredible numbers! However, the most amazing aspect of the various products on this marketplace is that Amazon is rewarding special ranking to the items that has been sold once or severally. This type of ranking is referred to as Amazon best sellers rank. What does Amazon Best Sellers Rank implies, you may ask?

Anytime any product available in Amazon product catalog is being sold, a number called Best Sellers Rank is rewarded to such item. As a result, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is regarded as a perfect signal that identifies the current status of a particular product on Amazon marketplace. For instance, when the best seller rank of a particular product is low, there will be good sales.

Meanwhile, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is only applicable to the sales rate of a certain item in a specific category. For more understanding, there is no overall best seller rank of products when their sales are compared to the other products on the Amazon marketplace. Forasmuch many items are sold in various categories, there is high tendency for a product having more than a best sellers rank. Most especially, considering almost all the main category as well as sub-category, each of them has its own system of Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

How Amazon Best Sellers Rank is Rated?

In spite of the fact that Amazon does not really display how the Best Sellers Rank is being rated, yet there are some factors that contribute to the ranking. They are;

  • Present sales and sales made so far
  • Promotions and changes in the price of the products
  • Competitive items

The trends of the current sales and the volume of the sales made so far has great impact on the Best Sellers Rank which is updated every hour on daily basis.

For instance, within an hour, if an item with 10 units of sales drops to just one sale in the next hour, this does not implies that the Best Sellers Rank of such item will drop down to the rank that only sell one hourly. Rather, the algorithm of the Best Sellers Rank will consider the velocities of the two sales.  The hourly update is to show the current and old sales of every product sold on the marketplace (Amazon).

Inasmuch as it is very obvious that Amazon Best Sellers Rank list is a perfect indicator that indicate how good a particular product is trending in its overall sales, it is not all the time it shows how well a product is selling when compared to other similar products.

In summary, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a good indicator that reflects the sales trend of a product among its hundreds of millions products with different categories in the Amazon marketplace. It may interest you to know that not all products in this place are given Best Sellers Rank, for instance electronics.

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