good hosting for your website

The importance of good hosting for your website


To avoid misunderstandings, I specify that it is essential to host a website on a server so that it is visible to the general public. A website without hosting is like: a car without wheels, a house without a roof… In short, you have understood I suppose :). The quality of the hosting, the server and the person who manages it is in no way a point to be neglected for your presence on the web, especially if it is professional. This can make the difference between the comfort of your visitors’ visit, security, but also in search results! And yes you should know that a good host for your website has a positive impact on the referencing of your site, whatever its size.

Bad hosting can hurt a website’s SEO

It should be known that Google regularly visits your site in order to determine who should appear on its first pages of results. A site that has fast loading times and low latency is more likely to appear in search engine results. When analyzing the quality of a site, Google does not just consult the page loading time, many parameters are part of its selection, namely it also takes into account the up time. If a site is often down, hacked, slow…

Even if occasional breakdowns are inevitable, it is crucial to reduce them, to foresee them or to anticipate backup solutions in case of emergency. In addition, a poorly secured server can harm the image of the company vis-à-vis your visitors, but also therefore the referencing of the latter. Search engines increasingly appreciate websites whose servers are well optimized on these different criteria. As much as having a “simple website” is no longer enough , it is essential to choose a host, an out sourcer and finally the server on which your site is stored.

First of all, it should be noted that a good host’s role is to guarantee a high-speed connection, to secure the servers, but also to provide Internet users with the necessary bandwidth. Dedicated hosting, shared server and VPS virtual server are hosting solutions remote employee monitoring to consider.

The dedicated server

Dedicated hosting allows you to rent a single (or controlled) server for your site. This type of hosting can effectively meet the requirements of sites with significant bandwidth needs. You will be able to benefit from the desired performance according to your budget and your requirements. You will have at your disposal a tailor-made server space, which allows you to install software and store various data of your site. The main downside of the dedicated server is that this offer is necessarily higher in terms of cost. The big advantages are the quality, speed and comfort of page loading times.

You can manage this yourself if you have the skills (be careful, it’s a job!), but you can entrust this work to a partner whose job it is to devote yourself to other things. “The Web is yours! (randomly!) can obviously become your best ally in this matter 🙂 . We ensure the implementation of security patches, the regular updating of your operating system and the daily monitoring of your data backup strategy.

Shared hosting

A shared server is easy to use and has a low cost compared to dedicated hosting. The administration of the server and the configuration of the software do not require any particular knowledge (although… a minimum all the same). Everything is done to make your work and the management of your space easier. The main disadvantage of shared is the fact that on average 50 to 70,000 sites can be hosted on the same server. In this case, the power available for each user is obviously not dedicated and you may suffer the consequences of neighboring sites (bandwidth, blacklisted ip address, etc.). On the other hand, shared hosting remains an interesting solution for launching a first website at a lower cost. The best known in France is OVH which offers offers at very good value for money. It is still necessary to ask the question of your technical capacities in the event of a problem on your site. Who intervenes, in what time frame, am I able to put my site back online in the event of hacking, an update that goes wrong (Typically for CMS WordPress, prestashop, etc.).

The VPS virtual server

As soon as you start to receive more than 300 visits per day, it may be preferable to move your site to high-performance VPS-type hosting, which is a compromise between dedicated and shared. The advantage of this type of server is that it allows the control of the server in the same way as a dedicated server. The disadvantage is that you do not benefit from a physical server that belongs to you and that you therefore do not fully control. You share a hard drive with other users, but your virtual server retains its CPU and memory allocation. All this will not be affected by other users of the hard disk in any way. As long as the number of your concurrent visitors is provided for in your VPS settings, you won’t have to worry about the performance of your site.

Display speed: one of the first SEO criteria for Google

When choosing a web host for your website, this should not be taken lightly. Never forget that Google will always prioritize the comfort of the visitor over that of the site owner. This means of course that your content must be relevant to meet the search criteria of the Internet user but also that the latter must be able to access it quickly and easily. And this is where the quality of your hosting will play its role in contributing to the SEO performance of your site. Be careful to take both the display speed on desktop (desktop or laptop) but also on smartphone. You have to be good in both cases.

Server backups: a decisive SEO criterion in the event of a hard blow

Another little-known point related to your hosting and which will ruin all your SEO efforts in the event of a problem: make sure that your host offers you a backup service for your entire site at least once a day. In the event of a server crash, you will then be able to quickly regain your site and your SEO traffic. Otherwise, you can lose everything overnight.


There is no miracle recipe, as for many things you have to find the compromise that suits you best on the different criteria mentioned. Think about your priorities, your requirements and make your honey out of it all!

Obviously, if you are looking for a hosting for your website whatever its operation, its development, CMS… contact me, I could accompany you in your search and possibly offer you a personalized formula according to the needs of your site. .

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